Teeth-harming foods

1. Carbonated soft drinks

Surprisingly, sugar is not the worst teeth-harming component in soft drinks. With or without sugar, these drinks strip minerals from tooth enamel. The reason is their high acid content, especially such acids as malic, phosphoric, citric and tartaric, depending on the flavour. Research shows that citrus-flavoured fizzy drinks dissolve tooth enamel twice to five times faster than cola beverages.

2. Sports beverages

Hydration during exercise is important. However, if you are not a true endurance athlete, consider resisting your urge to use sports drinks and nutrient enhanced beverages. In a study comparing the erosive effects of five different drinks, including juice and soda, sports drinks were the ones which did the most harm. Their high concentration of strong acids caused the deepest tooth enamel damage.

3. Sour sweets

Sugar-based, licorice, gum or foam – all these kinds of sweets are much less harmful than sour ones. To make the consumers grin in funny ways, sweets manufacturers add excessive amounts of acids to their sour sweets. It\'s those very acids which create huge craters in tooth enamel.

4. Energy drinks

Do you need a life booster? Unless you want to get your teeth damaged, avoid energy drinks. Among the five types of drinks compared in the study, they are the second most harmful, reaching for the silver medal, just a few points after sports drinks, the winner. Such refreshers can be especially harmful in children and adolescents, whose tooth enamel is more porous and less mature.

5. Fruit juices

Fruit juices, especially those made from citruses, apples or strawberries, contain acids that may abrade tooth enamel. Yet juices are also beneficial to your body, as they contain antioxidants. So, don\'t cut them out completely – drink them in reasonable amounts and try to choose for example those which are calcium enhanced. It will also help to rinse your teeth with water after drinking fruit juice.

6. Fruit

Even though fruit is great and healthy in a lot of respects, berries and citruses belong to tooth enamel damaging food. Yet this is no reason to avoid fruit. Simply combine fruit in our diet with nonacid food. That should soften the impact on tooth enamel.

7. Vinegar

Sauces, salad dressings or pickled gherkins simply can\'t do without vinegar. According to the results of a study, adolescents who often consume food containing vinegar exposed their tooth enamel to 30 to 85 per cent higher risk of erosion than those who don\'t. Thanks to the low amount of fat contained in it, vinegar is often used in reducing and other healthy diets. To reduce the harmful effect of vinegar, rinse your teeth with water after vinegar consumption.

8. Sugar-containing food

Food containing sugar, such as chocolate and confection, can be removed from mouth easier than food containing starch, for example doughnuts. We should also be sober at consuming sticky food (caramel, raisins, dates). It sticks to enamel and interdental spaces. It is also recommended to reduce eating sugar and starch in hot meals (chips).