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MUDr. Jiří Baumruk MUDr. Jiří Baumruk

2021 SIDO-AIDOR International meeting, Florence
2021 Skeletal anchorage in class II treatment, Prague
2021 SIDO-AIDOR International spring meeting, Naples
2021 TMJ and orthodontics, Prague
2020 13th Congress ČADE-lecture, Teamwork
2020 New approaches in orthognathic patients treatment, Velké Karlovice
2019 50th SIDO Congress, Roma
2019 XX ČOS Congress, Bratislava
2019 Invisalign Study Club, Brno
2019 Dental Meeting,-lecture, Olomouc
2019 2Disciplines1Goal symposium-lecture, Prague


2018 Orthodontics doesnt mean only straight teeth-lecture, Pilsen
2018 5th DGAO Congress, Cologne
2018 49th SIDO Congress, Florence
2018 XIX ČOS Congress, Český Krumlov
2018 94th European Orhodontic Society Congress, Edinburgh
2018 Invisalign Master Class, dr. Greco, Prague
2018 Hyrax modifications, Lecture, Pilsen
2018 Teeth 2/5 agenesis solving, Pilsen, lecture CSCHS
2018 2nd European Aligner Society Congress, Venice
2017 XVIII. Congress ČOS, lecture, Liberec TUL
2017 93rd European Orhodontic Society Congress, Montreux
2017 2 Disciplines1Goal symposium, Corticotomy lecture, Prague
2017 Invisalign Master Class, dr. Haubrich, Prague
2017 Teeth agenesis solving, Prague, lecture CSCHS
2016 Invisalign Master Class, dr. Marek, Valtice
2016 47th SIDO International Congress, Florence
2016 XVIIth Kongres ČOS, Prague, lecture
2016 New Tom Forum, Desenzano del Garda
2016 92. Congress EOS, Stockholm
2016 Orthodontic treatment options, Pilsen-lecture
2016 Invisalign Master Class, dr. Garino, Prague
2016 I. EAS Congress, Vienna, Austria
2015 Orthodontic office fellowship, dr. Andrea Bazzucchi, Rome, Italy
2015 XVI. Congress ČOS, H. Králové, lecture
2015 Congress SIDO, Milano, Italy
2015 Congress „Class III treatment”, Düsseldorf, Germany
2015 Congress AAO, San Francisco, USA
2014 Orthodontic office fellowship, dr. Giuliano Maino, Vicenza, Italy

Our office offer complex orthodontic treatment for children and adults

For orthodontic treatment of all cases including jaw surgery we use fixed appliances. Aligners Invisalign and lingual braces is possible to use for moderate crowding. Our office offer the latest devices and procedures.


Prior to the treatment, we compile documentation consisting of 3D scan, X-rays and photographs of the patients. This documentation is then used to set a detailed treatment plan. Some more serious defects caused by mandibular growth anomalies are treated with dental braces, upon consultation with a surgeon specializing in maxillofacial surgery.

Our goal is to make your teeth not only upright and wonderful, but also perfectly functional.

To achieve this goal, we mostly use fixed braces with the treatment length of 1.5 to 2 years. Appointments in the consulting room take place every 6-8 weeks. In non-extraction treatment, it is possible to use invisible braces Invisalign.

Active treatment is followed by so called retention phase.

Types of braces:


Perfect oral hygiene is required during the treatment. This will ensure that the teeth will be healthy and undamaged once the braces are removed. Full instructions will be provided at the session where the braces will be installed on how to take care of the braces, using recommended hygiene items.

In case of unsufficient oral hygiene, special instruction sessions with our professional dental hygienists can be provided. These sessions are paid extra.

Food leftovers in your mouth are the greatest enemy of your teeth!


MUDr. Jiří Baumruk MUDr. Jiří Baumruk

Since 2008 a practitioner and leading doctor inprivate practice

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